Hi, and welcome to my little digital diary about life in Asia! My name is Cherith but I go by Tehiya online and when I go home (my mom will randomly call me this). I’m  just an American girl living, working, and learning Chinese in China.

Asia has become my second home and I plan on living here for quite a long time, if not forever. I am currently in my 20s, unmarried and looking for adventure. My best friend and I have our own book publishing company called Red Empress Publishing in which I create most of our books’ cover art.

You can view my art and design portfolio here.

As of writing this, I am living in Shenzhen, have two kittens and an affinity for eating and taking pictures of food (a common theme of my social media accounts). I love running, dancing (albeit poorly), and being trying to be as positive as possible.

The main purposes for my blog/vlogs:

  1. To give my friends and family an easy way to be part of my life from afar.
  2. As a challenge to myself. I hate putting myself out there, but I think by not doing so I’ve hindered my own growth as well as distanced myself without meaning to.
  3. To hopefully help others through my own experiences.
  4. For my future self and family to look back on.

Hopefully this will be a fun and informative way for people to get to know more about China, me, and my life in Asia. ^_^


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