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Chimelong Ocean Kingdom – Day 1: The Hotel

Woo! Look at me on a roll with writing for the… 2nd day in a row! Haha.

Back in December, when my sister was visiting me here in China, I surprised her with a two day trip to Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in Zhuahi (珠海), China. Let me start off by saying – if you’ve never been and find yourself in Asia, I highly recommend going! This was our experience:

We left Shenzhen by ferry on Thursday night after I got off work since the traffic in Shenzhen can be especially horrible on Fridays, and I wanted us to have a weekday in the theme park so it wouldn’t be so crowded. Fortunately the ferry has a pretty regular schedule, so you can catch one almost every hour during the week until around 8 or 9 pm. The ferry ride is only about an hour but then you’ll have to take a taxi out to the theme park or hotel which is another 40-45 minutes.

As this was my first time in 珠海, I didn’t really know what to expect. Personally, I thought it reminded me of a less dense version of Macau, with fewer lights and casinos. However, there was this massive building that drew our attention during the taxi ride to the hotel for… well… see for yourself:

Green building

We arrived at the hotel around 10 pm, but even in our exhaustion our excitement overwhelmed us. The resort hotel is stunning (we stayed at the Chimelong Hengqin Bay Hotel, I’ve linked to their main site here if you want to look at more pictures).

Let me interrupt myself here to say: I generally don’t a lot when I travel; however, as soon as I found out my sister was coming to visit, I knew I wanted to try to splurge a bit on hotels, food, etc. to give her a bit of an over-the-top vacation. If nothing else, I will always remember these crazy experiences with her, and that in and of itself was worth the money.

I’ve never been to Disney World, so I can’t truly compare the feeling, but as we drove up to the hotel and stumbled into the lobby it was all in a magical haze of amazement.

Here’s the lobby that greeted us:



It took a minute to locate where exactly to check-in, but once found the staff were all very helpful and quickly got us setup and ready to head up to our rooms. Once we dropped our stuff off in our hotel room we went on a hunt for dinner, after checking to see that the hotel restaurants were still open for a while longer. We ended up at the hotel’s Western restaurant and my goodness, it was amazing. Riley and I almost died from stifled laughter, in part due to exhaustion but mostly due to the hilarity of eating in a super fancy restaurant with “All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth” and “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer” playing on loop for the entirety of our meal.

Highly recommend trying out the restaurant (its name is The Captain) if you ever find yourself here (you’ll know you’re at the right place once you get to a ship-themed restaurant in which you have to walk through a James Bond-esque wine cellar to get to the dining area).

Here’s what we ate:


After we finished eating – it was a truly amazing meal- we headed back up to our room. At this point we couldn’t help take the time to appreciate the attention to detail and the sheer awesomeness of the hotel especially being our first time staying in a resort hotel like this.

We were both freaking out about how pretty the view was (even at night, sorry the picture doesn’t do it justice) and how they even provided bubble bath for the enormous bathtub… we later discovered (after my sister dumped a full bottle into the tub) that even though there was a copious amount of bubbles it wasn’t actually bubble bath, just inconveniently named liquid body soap and that was quite sticky to bathe in.

The view from our balcony at night:


Here are some really random details from our room (I took more video of the room, so when I get around to putting the Vlog together you all can see more):

The water hitting the sink looked like a heart
Dolphin towels

After an excessive amount of time obsessing over how we felt like princess living in a castle, we settled into our cozy beds to rest up for the next day’s adventure: Chimelong Ocean Kingdom!

Find out all about our experience at the world’s biggest aquarium in my next post! As always, thanks for reading! ^_^


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