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Summer Update 2017

How is it already August?!

I know I promised to be more diligent about updating the blog a couple months ago, but better late then never? I think I tend to overwhelm myself (and perhaps my readers) by trying to writing too much at once. I’m going to try doing a mix up from now on. Larger travel posts that may take a bit longer to post and more regular ‘what’s happening’ posts that I can write faster and more regularly to keep everyone updated. So, on that note, let me update you!

Insert random pictures from hot (but gorgeous) summer days in Shenzhen.

I can’t believe the summer is already half (or more than half) over. Here in Shenzhen summer pretty much extends until October before ‘winter’ starts. Think Florida weather for a similar comparison. Or wet season and moldy season vs. slightly less wet and moldy season. This past weekend I went swimming for the first time in a year! That’s just how busy I’ve been. It was fantastic, even though the pool was a bit on the murky side and there was hardly any space to swim with all the little kids and their twenty floaties a piece bobbing around me. I will insert a picture of the pool sans as many kids as when I went below (please excuse the through-the-screen/blurry image, I was trying to show my mom the pool).


So this has been my life the past 6 months:

  • My Chinese boyfriend of almost a year and I broke up for a number of reasons. Perhaps I will write a small post about it later, but I have no hard feelings towards him… There just didn’t seem to be a future for us. However, I will still finish writing any travel or stories involving him as there were a number of interesting experiences we had together (i.e. travelling to his hometown in 山西 for Chinese New Year).
  • I was named the department head for the company I’ve been working for the past 5+ years. (One of the biggest reasons I haven’t been able to keep up with many of my personal projects as of late.)
  • My best friend moved to a different city in Guilin, I miss her, but her new home is simply gorgeous! I visited a couple of times and will post about those trips soon.
  • My and my best friend’s publishing company is really starting to take off, so I’ve been busy illustrating and designing covers for our books. ^_^
  • I’ve been stress eating and need to start working out regularly again. >.<
  • I temporarily dyed my hair purple.
  • Bumble (my British Shorthair got fixed and is now a much happier cat and finally gaining a little weight).
  • Places I went: Hong Kong, Yangshuo, Changsha.
  • I started dating a really wonderful Chinese man… even though he likes us to wear matching shirts when we go on dates. (This is pretty common among Chinese couples.) Here’s an example of what I mean by matching shirts:


As you can probably see, I haven’t done much outside of work besides the odd weekend trip away; however, those were all extremely fun and interesting with more than a few ridiculous stories to write about.

Hopefully you all can forgive my absence and bear with me as I slowly learn to write on a regular basis. If things keep going the way they are, I will have some very interesting things to write in the coming week! Right now is mostly just a waiting game for me until everything is confirmed.

In the meantime, here are some of the book covers I’ve worked on the past several months:

School for Dragons - Full CoverWar for Dragons Final PRINTBook Covers Tile

Feel free to follow my art instagram if you want to see more! @shreddedpotatoart

Or my travel/life instagram @tehiyatravels

Thanks for reading!


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