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Sister Trip to Thailand – Chiang Mai Last Day

It’s been a long time coming! Sorry about that, so many unexpected work and travel changes and… well, life just happened. I’m pretty sure everyone can relate to that.

To start things off, I’ll do a little catch up on current me. I got back in town the second week of February and right off the bat caught a nasty virus. Foolishly, I went to work and pretended like everything was normal until the virus got worse. It took me 3 days of fever to finally decide I had to go to the doctor. After waiting several hours in a Chinese ER, I finally got the results from the doctor’s test and lo and behold, the diagnosis was to stay in bed for 2-3 days and not do anything. So, for the following week that’s exactly what I did. It was terribly boring, but I did get a lot of much needed rest and finally recovered.

The following week I found out my boss was quitting and wanted me to take over the position. This resulted in about a month of in extra effort to get information and training done before her last day… Now, here I am, heading up a department and trying to make time for all the things I still love #toomanyexcuses #iamreallysorry. 🙂 So, on to the tales of adventure.

FullSizeRender (1)

Me being a boss.

Our last day in Thailand, was nothing short of crazy. As we had decided to book one last excursion (I couldn’t let Riley leave without taking her jungle zip lining). Being the amazing packers that we are, we had to wake up especially early to throw on some clothes, pack our bags and checkout before we were to be whisked away to the jungles of Chiang Mai.

We were still a bit sore from the kayaking trip two days prior, and weariness had set in even with the day of rest. At this point we were running a bit later than we had planned for checkout, so I told Riley to go grab breakfast while I finished getting things settled before we left for zip lining. By the time everything was okay, it was time for us to meet up with the agent. I hadn’t had breakfast yet and had started leaning towards the grumpkins side of things, Riley immediately noticed and demanded I go grab something to eat and a coffee. After quickly checking around the lobby, I bolted for the restaurant one flight of stairs up. A few bites and a delicious coffee later, I was feeling more like myself and went back downstairs to meet Riley. Just at that moment she was meeting with the tour guide and we were on our way.

The ride to the site was about an hour to an hour and a half, but I’m very fond of travelling in cars or trains. There’s so much to look at and just wonder at. Thailand is no different. First, you travel out of the city, slowly watching the houses and people disappear as the landscape turns to jungle. Then, you watch as the jungle grows taller, lusher and denser. When we finally arrived at the zipline (we originally were going to go with Flight of the Gibbon but they had maintenance that week, so we ended up at Jungle Flight) we were so ready to begin the adventure… even if we were halfway asleep again at that point.

The weather was absolutely perfect, a little cool, but sunny and ever so green. The sunshine was glittering through the trees and the breeze was light and sweet. We went through a short safety lecture and then were strapped into our harnesses, shown how to use them, and then promptly set off.

A 5-10 minute walk later we were at our first platform, the guides were zipping around like nobodies business making faces and generally just laughing at all the startled faces. I’ve been ziplining before, but I feel like this one was so much more fun. I think they just had better views and faster/longer lines. The one that stuck with me the most was of course their longest zipline (I believe they claim it as the longest zipline in Thailand)… the view was spectacular. You kind of spin around slowly while zipping over this expansive jungle landscape. It’s literally how you would imagine a shot in a movie (I had my gopro so I will try to upload a video of it here later).

The zipline/jungle trek took about 1.5 hours and we were hungry and happy by the time we were done. Once we got back to camp, unharnessed ourselves and washed up we were given some lunch (unfortunately, Riley and I were not huge fans of the food, we’re generally not picky but the food seemed really, really salty.)


The spicy pepper sauce was good though and i mixed it with some rice; however we decided to just grab some more food when we got back into the city. I will say, excursion food isn’t always the best anywhere (so I won’t blame them for it), I also think for us it’s mainly that we don’t particularly like super salty food.

The whole excursion lasted about 4 or 5 hours including time to and from the venue. When we got back into the city, Riley and I went in hunt of some food and ended up realizing there was The Duke’s right at the end of our street and we both just really wanted that delicious sandwich again… so here are more (but poor quality phone) pictures of it and some amazing Thai tea.

Highly recommend the Thai tea.

Afterwards we walked around looking for a few last minute gifts. I bought a couple t-shirts and a bunch of banana and chocolate pocky (these are stick-like cookies often dipped in some kind of frosting)… they’re delicious.

Still having several hours until we had to leave for the airport, we finally stopped in to get a massage in a random massage parlor. It was a huge open floor building, so we selected the 1-hour head, shoulder and foot massage. It was amazing, although apparently Riley didn’t tell her masseuse that he was massaging too hard and only told me after we were done. I had to laugh because the same thing happened to me the first time I got a massage, except that the hot rock bag they gave me was too hot and I didn’t tell them it was burning my neck… I had that mark for a while. Live in learn. 😛

After our nice/painful massages we headed back and got our bags. Then we sat in Starbucks and got teas so we could use their wifi to call an Uber to the airport. I have to say, I’m surprised how easy it is to use Uber worldwide.

Here is a sad, blurry picture as we finally pulled into the airport.


The flight itself was uneventful, we landed in Hong Kong only to realize the last of the buses to Shenzhen had left for the night. So, our only options were to wait until morning in the airport or to grab a taxi to the boarder. We decided to get the taxi.

When we arrived at the boarder we breezed through immigration (it was past midnight at this point), and were happily speed walking to get a taxi when I realized that at this boarder point you have to take a bus from the HK checkpoint to the mainland checkpoint… and I only realized this when I saw a mass of people huddling at the far end of a long walking escalator… needless to say we ran smack into all the people still standing at the point where you are supposed to be able to step off the machine… and we were finally back in China. These things really do crack me up for the most part, but I think we were both too tired to find it particularly funny. Fortunately, we managed to get on the second bus after about a 20 minute wait, through China’s immigration and on our way back to my apartment.

While this was the end of our Thailand trip, there’s still so much more I plan to write about. I do apologize for it all taking so long (and my lack of pictures for these two days – almost all my media is in video form), but I have some exciting things coming up and I will do my best to write at least once or twice a week… hopefully more soon! Also, I plan to put one or two vlogs up from our Thai trip this month and slowly start getting all those things back on track. I really appreciate everyone’s kind words and the fact that you still check in on me from time to time. 🙂

On to more adventures… and more blogging!



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