Life in China

Happy Women’s Day!

There have been so many unexpected work and travel changes and… well, life just happens. I’m pretty sure everyone can relate to that. I will clue you in to these changes as soon as I am permitted.

To start things off, I’ll do a little catch up on my current events. I got back in town the second week of February, as many of you already know, and right off the bat caught a nasty virus. Foolishly, I went to work and pretended like everything was normal until the virus took a turn for the worse. It took 3 days of fever (while still making it to the office) for me to finally decide I had to go to the doctor. After waiting several hours in a Chinese ER, I was (surprise, surprise) told to stay in bed for 2-3 days and not do anything if I wanted to get better. So, for the following week that’s exactly what I did. It was terribly boring, but I did get a lot of much needed rest and finally recovered and here I am now.

I’ve started several new blog posts that should be pretty interesting. There are several more stories to tell about Riley’s trip to visit me back in December as well as my trip up to Northern China and plenty of other random tidbits. This week I’m catching up on some really cool new book covers, a set of commissioned artwork for board game pieces, and getting things setup for my new Chinese classes that start next week! Needless to say, there’s a lot I’ll be sharing soon, but for the time being Happy Women’s Day to all my lovely family, friends and readers!

*All the ladies got a heart-shaped box of strawberries at work today; hence, the picture.

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