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Sister Trip to Thailand – Chiang Mai Day 4

Sorry if you already read my last post without pictures, but I just updated it with new pictures. I had forgotten my sister brought a camera with her. Feel free to check them out.

I forgot to mention in my last post that while we were supposed to go see our travel agent after we finished kayaking, we got back so late (7:30 PM) that the agent had already left for the day.

We decided that we would go about our day as if we were going zip lining as planned and set an alarm for early morning. As soon as it went off we both groaned. Still sore from the previous day kayaking we stiffly shuffled about the room pulling ourselves together as much as possible. I was in the middle of brushing my teeth when the telephone rang. After a few moments pause my sister called out, “the agent needs to see us downstairs, something’s wrong with the zip line booking.” She sounded almost happy… and to be honest, I was too. I was exhausted.

We stumbled into our easiest clothes to put on and made our way downstairs. The agent was waiting for us. He apologized for not meeting with us the night before, but we quickly clarified that we hadn’t returned from kayaking until late so there was no need for apologies. Smiling at us nervously, he then went on to tell us that the company we had booked for zip lining was having an issue trying to fix their main zip line and that they wouldn’t be back up and running until the weekend. Riley and I could barely contain our relief as we smiled brightly at each other and then back at him.

He gave us several other zip line companies’ pamphlets to look over and we decided to book one for the following morning. Although Wednesday was our day to head home, the whole trip from start to finish was about 6 hours so we could still make it back to Chiang Mai to catch our flight. After calling the company to confirm, we were told to come back in the afternoon to get our refund and he would see us the following day.

Since we were already up, Riley and I went across the street to pick up some Tylenol and a few other necessities before going up to have breakfast. After a peaceful breakfast we headed back upstairs to rest for a few more hours before figuring out what we wanted to do for the day. Oh how glorious it was not to surf the internet, watch some TV and just generally not have anything to do. Once we started to get hungry I suggested we try to go to the other mall as I had been there during my last trip to Chiang Mai and there was this amazing grilled cheese sandwich there that I was craving. Riley agreed and we headed downstairs.

We tried to sync up with the hotel’s free shuttle but we missed it both times. We even went down 10-15 minutes early, but it had already left so we decided to Uber our way there which ended up costing us 60 Baht (less than $2). As soon as we pulled into view of Maya Lifestyle mall I recognized it. This was the place with the great grilled cheese.

I located the correct floor and we hurried as fast as we could to the elevator and up to the restaurant floor. The restaurant’s name is The Duke’s. We were seated by the window and quickly proceeded to peruse the menu… although I already knew exactly what I wanted. We decided to order drinks and a shrimp cocktail while Riley did a final check through to make sure she knew what she wanted. Somehow we managed to order just before the super random “no alcohol served between 3-5 PM” law – which we only realized later – and ended up with these.

I think Riley’s was an appletini and mine was a frozen cherry limeade, I could be wrong because I changed my mind so many times before ordering. Riley then decided that she too would try the grilled cheese so we ordered two and sat back to chat and laugh and all around enjoy just being together over good food and drinks.


Amazing 4 cheese sandwich, it came with a tomato bisque and, for us, onion rings.

We both were happily enjoying our meal when we decided we’d like one more drink so we called the waiter over. This is when we found out you can’t order drinks between 3-5 PM, seeing how it was about 4-4:30 PM we decided to get dessert and coffee instead. The restaurant was quiet and the sun was streaming warm and golden, so why not stay and chat a bit longer?

The extensive dessert menu had about 15+ items on it. We chose the peanut butter Oreo cheesecake to share and hot coffee. It also was delicious, although I wouldn’t have minded it being a little sweeter… like a Reese’s rather than just straight peanut butter.


We ate slowly and talked about life. It’s interesting how life moves on while you’re away. Sometimes when you live so far away from your friends and family you forget how much they change. Lives just keep moving on even without you there. It really makes me appreciate every moment I have with those around me, even if it’s just through simple means like Facebook, email, or video chat.

At 5 PM we ordered one more drink and then decided to head back to the hotel. We tried to get one of the taxis waiting outside,  but they were all working together to rip people off so we went back in to Starbucks to use the free WiFi to order another Uber. The only downside to this was that it was rush hour so we had to wait a while for the driver to get to us, he was really kind and patient though.

Once back at the hotel we rested again for a while before heading out to the night market. Neither of us were hungry so we spent the time looking over the various stalls and purchasing items. We then decided to get a fish massage, at only 100 Baht ($3) for 15 minutes it’s worth trying.

We found the stall, took our shoes off and had our feet washed and disinfected by the vendor. We then were taken over to a large tank with seats and instructed to slowly put our feet into the water. The effect is almost instant. Hundreds of tiny fish swarmed my feet and began eating away at all the dead skin cells.

Now, for this to be effective, you must sit still no matter how much it tickles or else the fish won’t come near you. My sister learned this the hard way as she flailed her feet around in the water laughing and trying her best to stop. The lady kept telling her to stop moving, but to no avail. While she may not have gotten the best fish massage, Riley certainly made the experience that much memorable.

Afterwards we finished walking around the night market making various purchases for friends and family (mostly t-shirts and odd trinkets) before heading back to the hotel to pack our things and get to sleep early for the following day’s chaos. Riley and I decided to try out these weird face masks…


I don’t know why we look so serious, probably because our faces were stuck like that.

They are like putting a Biore blackhead strip all over your face. Painful to take off, but not completely unbearable. We video chatted with our other sister, Joelle, briefly before removing our masks, falling into our beds and drifting off to sleep.

One thought on “Sister Trip to Thailand – Chiang Mai Day 4

  1. Nice food photos! The cocktails look so cold and refreshing, the shrimp looks plump and juicy, the cake looks sweet and delicious, and the sandwich looks crisp and cheesy. Good (warm streaming sun)lighting and composition on all of them. Sister Joelle was surely envious during your video chat. It’s odd and intriguing to remember that all these events happened a few weeks ago, but your retelling feels so urgent and timely, like it all happened yesterday.

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