Life in China

Too Anxious to Write

My nerves are getting the best of me. Every day this week I’ve tried to sit down and write, but end up giving up before I even start. I’ve worked myself up into such an excited state about my sister coming to visit, I’m probably going to cry when I actually see her tomorrow. I’m planning to vlog a little of my day and actually meeting her at the ferry as a start to our “Sistermas” Vlog series (because Christmas and sisters). This is the first time I’ll have family here over the holidays!

And now I’m realizing we have hardly any recent pictures together, and none of just Riley and myself! This will have to be remedied soon.

One of the reasons I’ve been a little more on edge than I thought is because I read her flight information incorrectly. She’s actually getting here a day later than I initially expected which although it gives me another day to prepare, I’d rather have her here already. I will survive… even though she’s the one traveling for 30+ hours. I’m just so overwhelmingly excited.

The list of things we’re going to try to do is pretty solid now, but I’ve only told her about Thailand so I’ll keep everything a hush hush for now and post updates on here/YouTube as we do them so you all can adventure with us on our first ever sister trip!

Thankfully I managed to get into a dance workout class this evening, somehow 15 people cancelled between my booking and now for me to get off the wait list, so that should help exhaust me a bit. Otherwise, all my plans for the evening are: laundry, food, laundry, vacuum, laundry, mop, and keep busy until I can make myself fall asleep.

I’ll have to do a little write up about the classes sometime, they’re pretty awesome for anyone living in Shenzhen (or wherever else this company, Super Monkey, happens to be) who wants to occasionally drop in on some sort of training. Best part is – besides the classes being $6 – you can book/cancel classes through their WeChat app which makes scheduling so much easier to deal with.

Well, now that my post is starting to ramble I’ll stop and start getting ready for the evening ahead. Sorry in advance Riley, you only get one day of rest before we leave for Thailand!

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