Life in China

A Shenzhen Thanksgiving


Welcome to my first post and Happy Thanksgiving 2016! Yes, I’m a week late which just goes to prove how much of a challenge it is for me to start writing regularly. Don’t get me wrong, I love creative writing even if it’s total nonsense, but something about documenting my own life just makes me feel so odd… but I digress.

This may have been one of my favorite Thanksgiving meals I’ve had in China, and the first time I’ve had turkey that literally melted in my mouth. My friends and I ate at a restaurant in Seaworld (not an actual Seaworld, I will explain this in a later post with pictures) called X-ta-sea, a sports bar featuring music from the 80s/90s with typical American bar food on any regular day. While the music was still going full-throttle throwback with the lights turned up to a family-appropriate setting we set out to take on the complete buffet for 195RMB (approx. $30).

I have to say, their food was pretty on par with a traditional all-American Thanksgiving allowing me to get my fill of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, honey-cured ham, pumpkin and apple pie, plus whatever green things I would permit myself to consume. As we were a group of 9, we were also given a free bottle of champagne to enjoy with our meal. I will guiltily admit that I still missed my Grammy’s homemade cranberry salad and of course my family back home, but I think that all-in-all it was a pretty successful Thanksgiving.

6 thoughts on “A Shenzhen Thanksgiving

  1. Hi Cherith, I’m so glad you are sharing about your life in China. Thanksgiving sounded like it was a special time to remember Thanksgivings past and also create new traditions. Blessings on your artistic pursuits! Love, Aunt Peggy Jackson


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